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4 Reasons Why Your Blog/Website Isn’t Converting Visitors To Prospects

4 Reasons Why Your Blog/Website Isn’t Converting Visitors To Prospects

Blogs have increasingly become the number #1 source of information on the web in the form of how-to-guides, DIY, and a bunch of helpful pieces of advice.

According to research, 77% of people online read blogs. That’s such a huge number.

People come to your blog to look for answers to their questions and seek a solution to their problems. That’s how powerful blogs can be.

Notwithstanding, some blogs can turn off first-time visitors or readers and make them go elsewhere without knowing.

In this article, you’ll find out WHY YOUR BLOG SUCK (AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT).


Blogs are slowly evolving from what the owners want to what the readers want. That’s when User Experience (UX) comes in.

Google continuously changes its Search Engine’s Algorithm from what the owners want to what the readers want. Your blog isn’t all about you anymore.

Too many blogs play with too many colors in a bid to capture the reader’s attention. But truth is, it turns more people off than you can imagine.

What To Do

When designing your blog, it’s advisable to keep the readers in mind.

A. What color appeals to my audience?

B. How does it match with the content?

C. Does it appeal to the eyes?

Using too many colors on your site makes it look unprofessional. Unless you’re designing it to be read by you and your grandma.


As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Using more than one image on your post boost more views and readership.

In fact, in research done by QuickSprout, posts with multiple images boost views and readership by 94%. You don’t wanna lose by not being among.

I tend to read content with more than 3 images to those with only 1 or 2.

Writing chunks of texts without images will turn more people off from your site. Images, when used wisely and purposely can boost the growth of your blog.

What To Do

1. Instead of dumping a large chunk of 2,000 words on your site, using images to highlight your points make your content more smart, scannable, and appealing to readers.

2. Try to use images to complement a point you’re trying to make.

Images are great visual content. Don’t forget to use them.


This is one of the most annoying parts of a blog that sucks. A lot. Some people tend to write15-20 lines of words before considering leaving a space/paragraph.

Long contents without frequently making use of paragraphs will only get your reader’s eyes weary. Most bloggers do this without knowing the harm it has on their audience.

In research done by 3MindsDigital, 43% of people skim blog posts. This means, that people seldom read word-for-word on your blog. And again, 55% of people spend around 15 seconds going through your post.

What To Do

A. Use at least, 4-5 lines of text before giving a paragraph. Long articles weaken the eyes and probably make readers flip through your content without reading it. [Unless you’re planning on writing an ebook].

B. You only have about 5-second to catch a reader’s attention. Anything more than that is losing.

Note: It’s not really all about you… It’s about your audience too.


Most bloggers make money from third-party ads which is quite okay. We all put up ad banners on our blog to earn. But you might be sending the wrong signal with too many ads on your site.

Too many pop-up ads on your blog might be the reason no one is taking your blog seriously.

People might think you’re in for the money rather than into sharing valuable content. Some bloggers are greedy though.

What To Do

A. Instead of scaring people on every article on your blog with many ads, try using say, two ad banners per post.

B. Stay away from pop-up ads. If you can’t, use it less on your site. But I’ll advise you cut them off.


Your audience is your blog. Without them your blog is lifeless. It’s more pleasing to please your audience because they’re the people who’ll buy from you (if you sell any product).

Just like businesses need customers, bloggers need audiences. Getting them might not be hard, keeping them is.

Too many people complain that their blogs aren’t getting the share it deserves. Or getting the attention it needs. The reason is that you might be doing the wrong thing.

Your blog is your business handle it professionally.

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